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He hit the nail right on the head. He spoke right to where our youth are living. His comments on not only knowing God's will but also on doing it were right on target. This was one of the best contemporary services we've had. I'm so glad our youth could hear him.

Winston Bennett spoke to several hundred of our associates and connected with them in a way many other speakers have not. His name recognition from UK basketball, his stories relating to personal challenges, packaged in an overall scheme of change and personal growth allowed our associates to think differently about change, and the value of change.

As one associate put it, "you guys talk about change all the time, but Mr. Bennett came at it from a different angle, and I get it now."

That was precisely what we hoped to achieve, and Winston did it with flying colors.

Winston Bennett is an excellent speaker and his topics have always been timely and appropriate for his audience. Winston has great credibility. He's done it all, working very hard as an athlete, a coach, and a gentleman. I would recommend him highly under any circumstance.

Sex & the NBA

This Former Player Slept with Thousands of Women (and Is Talking)

Life played above the rim can be extreme. Former NBA player and coach Winston Bennett knows the temptation that pro athletes face. His poison was sex. Bennett reveals how he popped Viagra like Sweet Tarts, frequented massage parlors and hookers, slept with three women a day, 90 a month and a thousand a year for many years. Sex was his drug of choice.

Hear about his rise from high school star to standout player at venerable basketball giant University of Kentucky and then finally in the NBA where he played against the likes of Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley. Bennett reveals how his coaching career rivaled his playing days until he lost his job as an assistant to Rick Pitino (who also had a sex scandal) and the Boston Celtics as the result of an inappropriate sexual relationship. 

After attending treatment centers in Colorado Springs and New Orleans, Bennett came clean about his sex addiction. He reveals:

  • How unchecked sex can become a marriage, career and even life killer.
  • Why powerful men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner and John Edwards succumb to base sexual desires.
  • Why pro athletes are more prone to the addiction of women.
  • 5 tips for overcoming sex addiction.
  • How monogamy has proven to be more satisfying to him than multiple partners.

Confessions of a Former NBA Player and Recovered Sex Addict

CREDENTIALS: Winston Bennett is currently the head basketball coach at Mid-Continent University. He formerly coached and played at the University of Kentucky. Winston played in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. He and his wife run Fight For Your Life, Inc., an organization that mentors juveniles, felons and students in alternative schools. He is the author of the book FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE.

AVAILABILITY:  KY, nationwide by request and via telephone