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Winston will tell your audience.....

  • How to overcome dead end relationships
  • How to kill relationships that are killing you
  • How to overcome sex addiction as well as any addction
  • How to meet the man or women of your dreams
  • The secret to having a blissful relationship

Sample Questions

  • So how does one know if they are a sex addict?
    (Answer takes 1 minute)
  • If you are a sex addict how do you overcome it?
    (1 minute)
  • What are the warning signs of a sex addict?
    (1 minute)
  • How do I tell my spouse I am addicted to sex?
    (90 seconds)
  • How many women have you slept with?
    (30 seconds)
  • Why did you feel the need to sleep with countless women?
    (30 seconds)
  • How do I get help if I am sinking in the addiction?
    (30 seconds)
  • Is there a cure for sex addiction?
    (30 seconds)
  • How do I teach my kids healthy life choices?
    (1 minute)
  • Can I live a normal life and be a sex addict?
    (30 seconds)
  • How did the addiction start for you?
    (1 minute)
  • What’s been your spouse’s reaction to being a sex addict?
    (90 seconds)
  • What price have you paid by being addicted to sex?
    (90 seconds)
  • Were you involved in protected or unprotected sex?
    (30 seconds)

Winston Bennett. "Fight for your LIfe"

"Fight For Your Life From Tragedy To Triumph" is a book of encouragement a book of hope a book of reconciliation. Anything is possible to the person who is willing to fight after they have been knocked down. Life has a way of knocking all of us down, so there is no question as to whether you will be knock down the only question is will you get up. Grab the ropes, stagger, trip, fall again, but keep fighting to get up. This book will give you the strength to keep fighting.

Winston Bennett, From Tragedy to Triumph
Winston Bennett,MBA, Head men's Basketball Coach Mid-Continent University, former NBA basketball player with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, also former assistant coach with the Boston Celtics, author of Fight For Your Life From Tragedy to Triumph

Wintson's book "Fight For Your Life" is available now!

Addicted to love that kills: 5 ways to over come any addictive behavior

Winston has spent the majority of his life dealing with sex addiction. It was only after a will to fight did he start to gain some victory over the thing that had held him hostage for most of his life. Winston believes if you will be successful in life you will have to fight. Fight for your family, Fight for your career, Fight for your spiritual heritage, Fight.

Winston is currently the head men's basketball coach at Mid-Continent University. He was formerly the head coach at Kentucky State University. He was also an assistant to the Boston Celtics. He was also the assistant for future Hall of Famer Rick Pitino while at the Univerisity of Kentucky.

Winston was also a student at Indiana Wesleyan University where he received his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Winston received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky.

Winston has been interviewed by or the subject of many National and International shows including:

 ESPN's Outside the Lines The View  Inside Edition 
  • Winston Bennett interviewed on ESPN

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